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In recent years, the matcha latte has gained immense popularity, captivating the taste buds of coffee and tea lovers alike. But what exactly is a Matcha Latte and what makes it different from other beverages? Let’s delve into the world of matcha and uncover the secrets behind this beloved green beverage.


What is a Matcha Latte?


A matcha latte is a delicious blend of finely ground green tea powder, known as matcha, combined with steamed milk. Unlike traditional green tea, where the leaves are steeped and then discarded, matcha involves consuming the entire tea leaf, providing a more concentrated dose of nutrients and antioxidants.


History of Matcha Latte


Matcha has a rich history that dates back centuries in Japanese tea culture. Originating in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), matcha was introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks in the 12th century. Over time, matcha evolved from a ceremonial beverage enjoyed by monks and aristocrats to a staple of Japanese tea ceremonies. Today, matcha is celebrated around the world for its vibrant green color, earthy flavor, and myriad health benefits.


What Matcha is made of


Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves that are carefully plucked, steamed, dried, and ground into a fine powder. The shading process increases the chlorophyll content of the tea leaves, resulting in a vibrant green hue and rich flavor profile. Matcha is prized for its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritional powerhouse.


How is matcha different from green tea?


While both matcha and green tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant, their processing methods and flavors are different. Matcha is made from finely ground green tea leaves that are grown in the shade to increase chlorophyll content and enhance flavor. Before harvesting, the leaves are carefully hand-picked, steamed to prevent oxidation, and then dried. Once dried, the leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder, resulting in Matcha’s vibrant green color and concentrated flavor. Unlike traditional green tea, where the leaves are steeped and discarded, matcha powder is whisked with hot water or milk, allowing you to consume the entire leaf and reap its full nutritional benefits.


How to make a Matcha Latte


Making the perfect matcha latte is an art form that requires precision and attention to detail. To begin, sift one to two teaspoons of matcha powder into a bowl to remove any lumps and ensure a smooth texture. Heat the milk of your choice until it is steaming, but not boiling, and pour it over the matcha powder. Using a bamboo whisk, vigorously whisk the mixture in a zigzag motion until frothy and well combined. Alternatively, you can use a hand-held frother or blender for convenience. Once fully blended, pour your matcha latte into a cup and enjoy its creamy texture and vibrant green color. 


Cold Matcha Latte on Our Menu at Cortadito


At Cortadito Coffee House, we go beyond the traditional coffee experience to offer a refreshing twist with our Matcha Latte. Indulge in the vibrant flavors of matcha combined with the creamy richness of our latte, served cold for a refreshing pick-me-up that’s perfect for any time of day. 


Super Green Matcha Hot Tea


For tea lovers, we offer our customers Matcha Super Green Hot Tea. Our Matcha Latte is expertly crafted with premium organic Matcha powder. A great way to start the day.


Elevate your matcha moment: Perfect Pairings at Cortadito Coffee House


Make your matcha latte experience at Cortadito Coffee House even better by pairing it with one of our delicious accompaniments. Indulge in the perfect balance of flavors with our selection of pastelitos, including classic favorites like Guava, Guava & Cheese, and Cream Cheese. Each bite offers a harmonious blend of sweetness and richness that complements the subtle notes of matcha in your latte. Or choose a buttery and puffy croissant, perfect for dipping into your latte or enjoying on its own. For those in the mood for a little indulgence, our freshly made churros are sure to satisfy with their crispy exterior and soft, pastry interior. And if you’re in the mood for something timeless, our chocolate chip cookies are baked to perfection and offer a comforting treat that pairs beautifully with the earthy flavors of matcha. 


Enjoy Matcha at Cortadito Coffee House


Visit us in the heart of Miami Beach at 1656 Meridian Ave on Lincoln Road or at 1429 Washington Ave. For those in Coral Gables, explore our charming location at 200 Miracle Mile, where we offer a variety of coffees to make your day.


Cortadito Coffee House is your ultimate destination for authentic Cuban coffee and specialty beverages. In addition to our famous cortaditos and coladas, we proudly present a variety of delicious options for coffee lovers. 


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