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Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant flavors of Cuban cuisine at Cortadito Coffee House. As the bowl food trend continues to sweep the culinary world, we dive into the delicious realm of Cuban-inspired bowls. From the spicy kick of ropa vieja to the comforting embrace of traditional Cuban, our bowls are bursting with bold flavors and fresh ingredients, offering a taste of Cuba in every bite.


Cuban Cuisine Overview

Rooted in a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, Cuban cuisine is a celebration of flavor, color, and tradition. Influenced by Spanish, African, and Caribbean culinary traditions, Cuban dishes are known for their robust flavors and hearty ingredients. From slow-cooked meats to vibrant tropical fruits and vegetables, Cuban cuisine offers a diverse and delicious array of dishes that are perfect for translating into bowls.


Cuban-inspired bowls at Cortadito Coffee House


Step into the heart of Cuban cuisine with Cortadito Coffee House’s enticing array of Cuban-inspired bowls. As you enter our cozy establishment, you’ll be greeted by the tantalizing aromas of traditional spices and the welcoming atmosphere of a bustling Havana cafe. Our Cuban-inspired bowls pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of Cuba, offering a fusion of bold flavors and fresh ingredients that capture the essence of this vibrant culture. 


  1. Southwest Bowl:

Cauliflower rice, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, diced avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, crispy potato sticks & chipotle mayo.


  1. Ropa Vieja Bowl:

White rice, ropa vieja, sweet plantains, balsamic tomatoes, crispy plantain chips, cilantro dressing.


  1. Traditional Cuban Bowl:

White rice, black beans, yuca, sweet plantains, roasted pork, mojo vinaigrette.


  1. Roasted Chicken Bowl:

Marinated chicken, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo and maduros.


  1. Cuban Sampler Bowl:

Experience the three most traditional Cuban meats in one bowl: Lechon Asado, braised and shredded flank steak & fried chicken. Served with white rice, black beans & mojo vinaigrette.


Make your own bowl at Cortadito Coffee House


At Cortadito Coffee House, we believe in giving our customers the freedom to create their own culinary masterpieces. You have the opportunity to customize every aspect of your meal to suit your taste preferences and dietary needs. Start by choosing your base, whether it’s hearty white rice, nutritious cauliflower rice, vibrant mixed greens or protein-packed quinoa. Next, choose your protein from our delicious options, including tender ropa vieja, juicy roasted chicken, or flavorful roasted pork. Then it’s time to pile on the toppings. Choose from an array of delicious ingredients, including sweet plantains, black beans, yucca & mojo, corn, balsamic tomatoes, cotija cheese, crispy plantain chips, chickpeas, radishes, cucumbers, pico de gallo, diced avocado, and more. Finally, top with your choice of sauce, whether you prefer the freshness of cilantro dressing, the tang of cachucha sweet & sour, the kick of chipotle mayo, or the classic flavor of mojo vinaigrette. With endless combinations to explore, the possibilities are as diverse as the flavors of Cuba itself.


Benefits of Bowl Meals


Enjoying a bowl meal at Cortadito Coffee House offers more than just a delicious dining experience; it also comes with a host of benefits that nourish both body and soul. One of the most important benefits of bowl meals is their convenience. With all the components of a balanced meal conveniently served in a single bowl, bowl meals are perfect for busy people on the go who still want to enjoy a nutritious and satisfying meal. In addition, Bowl Meals offer unparalleled customizability, allowing you to tailor your meal to your specific dietary preferences and needs.


Pair your bowl with a refreshing drink


Don’t forget to pair your Cuban-inspired bowl with one of our refreshing beverages at Cortadito Coffee House. From classic Cuban coffee to tropical fruit smoothies, we have the perfect drink to quench your thirst and enhance your dining experience.


Visit our locations


Find us in the heart of Miami Beach at 1656 Meridian Ave on Lincoln Road or at 1429 Washington Ave. Enjoy our warm hospitality and authentic Cuban flavors as you explore the vibrant streets of Miami. In Coral Gables, discover our charming location at 200 Miracle Mile, offering the same delicious dishes and inviting atmosphere. 


Embrace the vibrant flavors of Cuban cuisine with our delicious selection of Cuban-inspired bowls at Cortadito Coffee House. Whether you’re craving the comforting warmth of Ropa Vieja or the bold spice of our Southwest Bowl, there’s something for every palate. Visit us today and take a culinary journey to Cuba without ever leaving Miami.

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